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Webinar: 'Why Me?' How can I protect myself and my business from hacking

Start Wed 5 Sep 2018 12:00 PM
End Wed 5 Sep 2018 1:00 PM
Event Code EVE1806307

'Why Me?' How can I protect myself and my business from hacking. All you need to know about cyber security

Almost all Enterprises, Corporates, Individuals or Governments that maintain an online presence are targets of attackers of varying skill and purpose.


Reasons for this are:

  • using hacked online system to conduct large scale pointed attacks at third parties
  • stealing and selling of private information
  • damaging brand and/or share price of the target
  • theft of Intellectual Property and other sensitive information
  • intelligence gathering and monitoring, attackers will target Government and Corporate alike to perform this task              


In this webinar learn why you are a target of Hackers and what are the common threats posed by hacking.  This webinar will demonstrate the common techniques and their uses in the real world and how you can protect yourself and business and if the inevitable happens how you can get help.


The five key reasons why you should register for this webinar:

  • you will learn how your IT infrastructure maybe at risk
  • learn how a hacker would view your infrastructure
  • view common attacks from the hacker's perspective
  • discuss common methods of making attackers lives more difficult
  • decide how the industry standard methods for securing IT infrastructure could work for you


Our presenters, Bill Ratcliffe and Jarrah Gosbell from TLR Communications have experience in ICT security/infrastructure assessment, architecture, information gathering and design with extensive experience framing solutions for global organisations in the Enterprise and Government sectors. Bill, has extensive experience across the Defence, Intelligence, Government, Corporate and SME sectors covering a range of Security, Identity management and Bio Metric solutions.

TLR Communications webinar will provide businesses with an understanding of how to secure themselves from attacks which would otherwise lead to financial damage, defamation, loss of business, brand damage or theft of I.P.


Please ensure you include your email address under "Special Requirements" in your registration to access the webinar.

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