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HR Bulletin: How to win at your employee experience strategy

Date Wed 12 Sep 2018
Duration 2 Hours
Event Code EVE1806281
Region Sydney East-Sydney City

We no longer live and work the same way we used to ten years ago, yet in 2018, many businesses do not have the internal culture to meet the basic needs or expectations of a contemporary workforce.  All organisations should be deliberate about their culture and values to not only attract the best talent but to ensure the culture and values contribute positively to the employees and the business. 


Culture is what happens when a group of people come together and every organisation has a culture, so why not be deliberate about building one that’s meaningful and has an impact on your businesses bottom line?


In this session, Claudia Shepherd, Manager, Culture and Engagement at HubSpot will discuss;

  • How you can work towards making culture a core component of your employee experience Strategy, starting with the recruitment process, and continuing all the way through an individual’s employment
  • What a culture code is, and why it’s such an important document for companies that want to build a productive culture
  • Why it’s so important to have a flexible culture, that grows and develops as your organisation does, without losing sight of your core values
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